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We use advanced imaging technology to detect disease biomarkers throughout the eye


1 / Eye Examination

We take images by combining standard equipment available in most eye clinics with a specialized camera -- this means that the experience is familiar and comfortable.


2 / Data-Rich Images

Our hyperspectral camera can captures data-rich images with a broad spectrum of information,  providing the basis for detailed analysis of a large area for more accurate results


3 / Artificial Intelligence

Our AI identifies early signs of Alzheimer’s disease by comparing the captured images to others where the biological signatures associated with these neurodegenerative diseases are present.


Scientific American - Eye Tests May Help Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease - Scientific American

 Diana Kwon

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Hyperspectral Imaging Signatures Detect Amyloidopathy in Alzheimer’s Mouse Retina Well before Onset of Cognitive Decline; ACS Chem.

Swati S. More and Robert Vince

ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2015, 6, 2, 306-315


Our Solution

We partner with pharmaceutical companies and leading research institutions to accelerate research and integrate seamlessly into the clinical workflow

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