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Point of care and AI-driven early detection of Alzheimer’s, through a simple eye exam.

Our Mission

At RetiSpec, we believe a better future for Alzheimer’s starts with the ability to diagnose it. Our mission is to enable widespread early and accurate detection of neurodegenerative disease markers with accessible, affordable and scalable AI-driven retinal imaging. To achieve this vision, we are developing a point of care and AI-driven early detection of Alzheimer’s, through a simple eye exam.


I am impressed with the potential of their hyperspectral imaging technology to support early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in a manner that is affordable and scalable. The RetiSpec team is innovative, collaborative, and pragmatic, and is moving AD biomarker science forward in an exciting direction. Retinal imaging holds promise for clinicians, patients, and those involved in drug development to pre-screen and/or predict cerebral amyloidosis in a non-invasive manner within the clinic setting.” 

Dr. Sharon Cohen, MD, FRCPC 

Medical Director & Behavioural Neurologist, Toronto Memory Program 

“We believe that RetiSpec’s retinal scanner stands out and shows promise as a unique diagnostic tool among a range of technologies in development. The technology has the potential to facilitate early diagnosis, improve the lives of patients and their loved ones and save the healthcare system money and resources. The technology will also be useful in making clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease more efficient." 

Dr. Howard Fillit, MD 

Executive Director & CSO 
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation


“RetiSpec’s retinal imaging technology holds great promise as a rapid, simple-to-administer, non-invasive and less expensive way to predict amyloid build up in the brain. Having RetiSpec’s test results in the Bio-Hermes database along with brain amyloid PET scan results is expected to advance our understanding retinal imaging’s role in Alzheimer’s.” 

John Dwyer 

Co-Founder; President, Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation (GAP)

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